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With the goal of helping anyone who needs to digitally view dimensions of a particular product, the so-called 3 D modeling is applied on demand. It is a specific program that provides the possibility to display a specific model, or image, or product in space, in order to clearly understand its structure and dimensions. Simply put, using the rules imposed by three-dimensional modeling, those items which appear flat in the human eye appear in their shape on the computer screen, allowing the client to easily see their different dimensions. When we say dimensions, we mean that on this occasion the client will have the opportunity to see the height of a specific object or model, as well as its width and depth. The field of application of this special procedure is wide, but it seems that 3 D modeling is most often present in the automotive industry, and also in the field of marketing, although its benefits are often used also by people engaged in the video games development, publishers, architects and many others experts, as it has proven to significantly facilitate work. One of the main advantages of using this process in these areas is the fact that all of the changes required with, for example, the presented product or, a new car model and in similar situations, can be applied very quickly when the procedure concerned is used. According to the definition that is officially accepted, 3D modeling process is characterized as the creation of images within a specific computer program, with the setting of their exact dimensions in a certain ratio (width, depth, and height), but also manipulation with these measures, all in accordance with the needs. It is interesting to say that by applying the rule outlined in this procedure, a three-dimensional model can be used as an adequate resource for a specific graphical real-time simulation, if necessary, but a two-dimensional image of the 3 D model can also be obtained from one perspective. The entire process that three-dimensional modeling (3D modeling) implies, in fact, connects 5 related terms in its own way: