Seo optimization for Google

Our Oxford Web Studio team has a long term experience when it comes to contents of web site optimization. We offer favorable and quality SEO optimization service and as a result of all this will be an excellent ranking by Google, the higher “traffic” and visitors on your site comparing to your competition. What is SEO optimization and what is its importance?

SEO optimization (search engine optimization) for web searchers is a process that aims to increase the quality of traffic, or the number of your web site visitors and better ranking by the internet search engines for specific keywords. SEO optimization is an important part of internet marketing therefore it has an important role of bringing as many people and presenting services and offers on your web site . SEO optimization has two main categories: Onpage and Offpage.

Onpage Seo Optimization

Onpage Seo Optimization Onpage SEO optimization involves optimizing the page, actually optimizing of the whole site content:

  • Comparison of key words and competition’s further analysis in the form of detailed reports
  • Optimizing meta tags (title, description)
  • Sorting out tags in the content (alt, title, title addresses)
  • Optimizing title and subtitle (H1-H6)
  • Creation of robots.txt file
  • Creation, registration and updates of sitemap.xml
  • Correction of internal link structure
  • Analyzing of duplicated content
  • Creation of “404” page and “301” redirect if needed

Why is Onpage optimization so important? Once the Google search used to rank web sites based on the number of visits and optimization was limited to a maximum content on Keywords tags. That way, Google search didn’t leave much space for others, less visited sites to improve in ranking even though they had a richer and better content, because 90% of users opened the content of the first result shown in a search which only increased the number of visits to the most frequent sites. Turns out that such search didn’t give the best results to the “surfers” because what is the most visited and frequent site – doesn’t mean it consists the best quality and information that users are looking for. Google, as the most popular global internet search engine, has changed its algorithm in the last few years and gave more importance to sites with unique content, pictures, video clips and relevant content and in that way it improved its search records and it sent “spammers” to the bottom. In order for a site to be in a better position when you search, it needs to include as many keywords in the text comparing to its competition, optimized meta tags and printed tags in the content such as alt tags on the thumbnails, titles and subtitles in the text of H1 to H6 and title tags in the link titles. Another important part is that the site needs a rich content, full of information for the targeted group.

Offpage Seo Optimization

Offpage Seo Optimization Offpage SEO optimization is a process that only occurs once the Onpage optimization is done. If the Onpage optimization is done the way it should be, Offpage optimization is not that necessary but if your goal is to break through the market, then Offpage SEO optimization is definitely necessary. References and links from other web sites to yours are great, and your Offpage and overall SEO optimization can improve in the best possible way. However, in this case there are small problems because there are things that Google search doesn’t support. It is not recommended to exchange links between two web sites. Google is also suspicious if you get a high number of links in one day on your site, so uncontrolled posting of links is treated as a spam, which can cost you ranking in search, the loss of already acquired positions as well as the worst possible sanction which is ejection from search.

The Impact Of Social Media On Seo Optimization E-Marketing

The Impact Of Social Media On Seo Optimization DIn order to understand the impact of social media on SEO optimization, we need to understand social media functions and their importance in modern trading. These days, the number of users in social media is high, primarily on Facebook and Twitter. Every second on Facebook, people share over thousands of statuses and links. Maybe one of those links is yours, and it’s important because Google treats it as recommendation (as we mentioned before). The more shares on Facebook and Twitter means the more useful links to your content. In order for a specific link from your site to be shared on social media, they need to intrigue customers and provide them quality information, as well as enable them to do that more easily by implementing share buttons on your site such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.