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Oxford Web Studio boasts a team of web designers who will transfer their years of experience in creating websites to your website and use their professionalism and dedication to leave your website visitor amazed. In order to understand what the term "web design" means and what it covers, we must get to its essence. Web design is a broad term that covers different fields functioning for creating and maintaining websites. Web design is primarily a process that includes graphic design, user interface design, authoring, standardized code, user environment and SEO (search engine optimization). Although the history of web design is not lengthy, web design is nowadays significantly being related to its older branch in the world of design, graphic design, and today it is difficult to imagine the Internet without a variety of graphic elements such as typography, thumbnails, background images, styles and other multimedia. The language for marking and forming a comprehensive web page is HTML, while CSS is used to stylize a web page.

Interface Design

My Image Interface design is the basic item in the web design process that serves to provide the best possible interaction between the user and your website. When a user comes to your website, the first thing he/she notices is the layout of the components and content on the website, and if positive, this experience will help the user decide in the future to search for the necessary information precisely on your website. This is very important, especially if you are dealing with service activities, as in this way the internet traffic from the user to your website significantly increases.

Visual Identity of the Website

My Image The visual identity of a website involves customization of the content to the target group it is intended for. The target group consists of two main categories, age and gender, branching into other target groups oriented according to their needs, whether it is the need for entertainment or business, commerce or education. In all cases, it is necessary that the user gains an impression of complete control over the page content, or to find the necessary information easily and quickly.

User Experience

My Image User experience is the impression of your website visitors regarding the content, the way the website works and the understanding of the layout of components on your website. The concept of your website encounters more and less experienced users ("internet surfers") who get the complete picture of it during a visit. The indications of a satisfactory impression are re-visits of the same users and arrival of new users. If we add a well-performed optimization, the number of visits will increase daily.

Code Quality

My Image The quality of a code is primarily reflected in the transparency, that is, the readability of the code and the error the system recognizes due to the correct DOCTYPE declaration at the beginning of the page. Once the system recognizes these errors, they can be easily eliminated. In order to increase the code quality, it is preferable to comment on each function, each more important assembly and line in the code.

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