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Immediately before a particular video is published, a process known as postproduction must be performed. Very simply, it is a process that needs to be applied when certain videos are digitized, that is, recorded, then properly sorted, and when it is necessary, regarding certain requirements, for them to be professionally processed. Whether only video postproduction will be performed or it will be necessary to process the sound and to adequately harmonize it with the video itself depends only on the needs and requirements of the client itself. Apart from the fact that experts specialized in this field can deliver the video to clients in exactly the format that suits them, they can also offer the option of defining the so-called "Edit" list, which will include all segments of a specific video that these experts should somehow process or even cut. It is assumed that each client individually will be able to receive advice from them on what needs to be changed in certain areas and how they can be improved so that the entire video postproduction can be successful. In the event that a need arises, these experts will, at the request of clients, certainly add various special effects in a particular video, and in accordance with the needs, they will also professionally process the sound. Most often, according to the current definition, the term of postproduction involves several procedures, which include video first and then the so-called audio postproduction. Generally speaking, this process includes how to edit the video itself, precisely with the correct application of the already mentioned "Edit" list, as well as the implementation of various special effects, which either the client requires or are simply desirable within a specific video. Postproduction also included editing audio effects, that is, music and sound, as well as adding various sound effects, and generally, an area known as sound design. It is necessary to inform all clients who are interested in video postproduction that this phase, depending on the request, can, of course, last for several months, and it is assumed that the experts we employ will be able to tell them at the time of agreement approximately how long the entire procedure should last. Since this process may include the video synchronization service, or synchronization and tone adaptation, it is understood that these services, as well as subtitling, are available at the request of clients.