E-Mail Marketing

Do you know what is the key thing in selling a product?Advertising! Marketing is the identity card of each product that needs to be placed on a market. What we can surely say is that what is not advertised practically doesn’t exist. Advertising is a powerful tool that strongly affects the consciousness of information recipient or potential clients and customers. Good advertising is the most basic form of influence on the wanted target group. One little experiment made the startling conclusion and consisted the following. In a split second Coca Cola picture was released to the viewers at the movie theatre. At the break time, seventy percent of the audience went to buy, guess what? Coca-Cola. Slide duration was too short to detect consciousness but its content affected directly the subconscious of the audience. The majority of advertisements affect our brains exactly the same way. There is the question of how to place advertising. The influence of the 21st century brought us the powerful influence of the internet and became indispensible use of propagation which made the door of e-mail marketing “wide open”. Another question is how to reach potential clients. Oxford Web Studio can be direct transporter of your message to its intended clients. What does that practically mean? Oxford Web Studio will make sure that your ad its way to inboxes of over 100 000 email addresses. If you are planning on starting a business, Oxford Web Studio will make sure that a huge number of people hear about your idea. With an unwritten rule that a picture speaks a thousand words, we will make sure that, besides your wanted text, the potential user gets designed advertisement based on your desire. What is also really important is the timing. Oxford Web Studio will ensure that your message out to potential associates arrives at the precise time you want. Studies have confirmed that impression is created both on the basis of form and essence. Our professional team will make sure that your E-mail message is correctly written, striking, in line with your corporate identity which will make you unique. Oxford Web Studio has the largest database whose help will ensure that your messages are sent to a huge number of email addresses. We create your emails, choose the most suitable email template, design your advertisement at your desired time and forward it to hundreds of thousands of people. Internet is the most powerful achievement of the 21st century, and with our help we can pave the way to success. Oxford Web Studio may be your asset to desired goals.