Development of business software itself is a broad term. It involves the development of a program that runs as a desktop application and is used for handling data, whether it is about updating, adding and deleting data or tracking some certain statistics, banking systems. Our developers are able to develop unique and stable business software, with easy access to all users, easy to use to interact with all types of databases.

Delphi Programming Language

My Image Delphi is a programming language that is mostly used for creating desktop applications with graphic user interface (GUI). It originates from Object Pascal programming language and it allows object-oriented, visual approach to developing applications. The original intention of Delphi was to enable developers to connect to databases. At that time, the most common database was Oracle and that was the reason why Delphi (named after the famous Greek myth of Delphi prophetess) was proposed as an interesting name that users would like. It exists since 1995 when the first version of development environment came out under the name “Borland Delphi” that will later on be known as RAD (Rapid Application Development). Since then until 2008 all the new versions came out under the name of Borland Company. It changed the owner that year and came into the hands of Embarcadero Company that continued its development. Each new version of Delphi is trying to be as compatible as possible with the previous in order to be able to take advantage of already developed software and libraries.
Applications done in Delphi can be connected to all new databases (MySQL, Access, PostgreSQL, SQLite, etc). It is mostly used in companies that handle a lot of different type of work, for tracking and updating data from the database. If the application is done in a quality matter, its use can be very easy and intuitive because everything is done in a graphical surrounding. Delphi supports all the latest standards of Windows applications, so it is up to the task in this field. We should also mention that it supports work with “third-party” components developed by third-party developers who have created some quality solutions over time when it comes to functionality and visual presentation for applications. With everything mentioned above, Delphi represents the ideal choice for the rapid development of efficient software solutions. Therefore the conclusion is that with quality business software you can improve your operations and trading to a higher level compared to your competition, but also you will facilitate the work of your employees and improve their productivity.