Everybody who wants to raise the quality of a certain photo to a higher level has digital photography processing at the disposal, which is a service that will be performed by graphic designers employed by our team. In simple terms, one photo is stored in a particular device in the form of the so-called grid system and consists of specific elements, that is, pixels. All these elements actually have the necessary information on lighting, but also the color of a particular photo. Usually, the Adobe Photoshop program, as well as the numerous tools and filters it offers, such as "pen", "brush", "airbrush" and many others will be used for processing, but the experts certainly possess a sufficient level of knowledge to use the tools offered by other specialized raster computer programs. It is also important to say that during this process, individual pixels or a group of them is changed, and everything depends on the request that someone has. In addition to the fact that this procedure is performed at the request of an individual client, it is known that these specialized computer programs are also used in the field of medicine, and generally in science and when special forensic research is performed, as well as in many other situations. The possibilities that digital photo processing offers are really exceptional, so graphic designers, on request, can also change the resolution of a particular photo, or its size, and to remove all impurities. More precisely, on that occasion, they can use the special tool, which a specific program offers, to eliminate the so-called noise, that is, dots, which are often created on a particular photo when taking photos in an inadequately illuminated area. There are also options that apply to the ability to use specialized tools, and when you need to simply remove some part of the photo. Certainly, graphic designers will, at the client's request, also be able to change the color of the individual segment, and the processing of digital photo offers the ability to crop, that is, to extract and modify a certain part of it. If necessary, the position of a particular photo will also be changed, and its perspective may also be changed, if necessary. Since these programs also have options referring to work with layers, it means that clients will be able to require that certain changes be made within them as well. Of course, photo merging will be done, if necessary, and digital photo processing also includes the option of using a number of special effects. Contrast, i.e. illumination on a specific photo, and the depth of colors can also be changed. In addition to the above-mentioned options, this procedure also offers one that involves a significant improvement in the composition of a photograph, which relates to the procedure of separating and removing one of its parts, and the entire photo can be sharpened with the use of dedicated tools.