For many visitors, Adobe Flash sites are particularly interesting, and this is presumed to be due to the extremely dynamic animation and content of the presentation itself. However, although the development of Flash sites is very popular, the fact is that their content is not so good for optimization, so it is very important to take into account the requirements of the client itself, but also the content of the particular site, in order to select the right program for its development. It is only for this reason that it is recommended that those companies that have already become particularly popular, that is, are considered to be the real world brands, resort to making internet presentations for their company precisely through the use of this program, as they will not suffer any loss. The content of the site itself is designed so that it is directed, practically speaking to Flash animation, so it does not possess the so-called microdata, or alt, title tags, and this is precisely the reason for the inability to properly optimize the content. All those clients who believe that Flash sites development will be suitable for their business should be informed that developers use the so-called ActionScript, which is a specific programming or scripting language, designed to greatly resemble famous Java programming language. It is envisaged that both by objects in Flash films and the events that are covered by them will be controlled adequately precisely with the application of all those rules ActionScript implies, and certainly this programming language is used when it is necessary to create certain web pages, i.e. films in which there is an extremely high degree of interaction. In order not to be confused, clients must be explained that Flash sites development is most often applied when it is necessary that content has a particularly strong effect on the visitors, and since it is practically impossible to optimize these contents, it is especially important to present already existing brands, which successfully operate on the market. And precisely because of the inability to optimize content for web browsers and, therefore, the inability to influence their positioning, it is recommended that only those clients who have a well-developed business and who simply need a very effective web presentation opt for this service. It is quite certain that in this way their website will leave as much impression on the visitors as they want. In addition, there are many other benefits that can be offered by professionals whose specialty includes the development of Flash sites, and they are primarily related to visibility. Namely, experts who are engaged to create a certain site in this program, thanks to the application of the special tools and techniques it offers, get the opportunity to instantly see how Flash Player will make it visible on browsers, which certainly does not apply to sites that are made on some other platforms.