What is administrator

Term administrator has a very wide application. Most often, administrator or, shortened, admin means a person who is in charge of monitoring a particular Internet forum, although this title exists in many other spheres of business, not just on the Internet. However, in this case, an administrator is a person who is in charge of managing the entire forum, all the discussions, and comments on it, and has the ability to open and close certain categories within the forum, but also to approve or disapprove user comments publishing.

The administrator's work differs greatly from the work done by a moderator of the internet forum as practically the administrator is superior to the moderator. A moderator only manages certain categories, that is, sub-forums within a forum for which he/she is in charge, opens and closes topics, and approves or disapproves user comments in accordance with the rules, but only within a specific sub-forum for the moderation of which he is in charge. So, it is quite clear that, unlike a moderator, an administrator has much more authority relating to a particular Internet forum as a whole. There are many types of this occupation in the internet world. In addition to the Forum Administrator, whose powers we have just mentioned, there is also a Network Administrator, that is, a person engaged in editing computer networks, then a Database Administrator, whose responsibilities include care about a particular database and its optimal functioning. There are also types like Server Administrator (in charge of administering a particular server), and System Administrator, who is in charge of maintaining the functionality of technically advanced information systems. In addition to the aforementioned, there is also a Superuser, that is, a person using a certain computer within which he/she has the duty of an administrator, as well as Sysop, or, most often, an administrator of a particular Internet portal which usually has more users.

Often it can be heard that an administrator is called a webmaster, the term which is not translated from English. The duty of a webmaster is somewhat similar to the duties of an administrator, provided that the webmaster is in charge and responsible for maintaining one or more different websites. So it is quite clear that the duties of a person who is a webmaster and those of an administrator are different. For the unknown reason, these two terms are used interchangeably. Still, it is assumed that the underlying reason for this is a misidentification of the terms webmaster and administrator because a webmaster is essentially an administrator of a particular website, provided that this is just one of the many functions a webmaster performs and is responsible for.