The basic definition of the notion of identity in the business world is the recognition of a particular company by end users, and thus all the activities determined a company takes to create a unique identity with the goal of being recognized by end users as a brand.

It can be freely stated that the identity of a particular company is what an ID card or CV for an individual is.

The basic purpose of identity is that a particular company manages to, based on various activities, become known among the end customers and accepted as a brand. Remember, identity is what you do to show your company in the best light, and brand is what end customers think of your company, that is, the products or services that you offer. The term identity has many determinants, so there are corporate identity, visual identity, and web identity. It is quite clear that web identity is the presentation of a particular company on a global network, which primarily relates to the appearance of your website, but also to different online marketing activities.

To make any of these identities of a particular company well-functioning, bringing profit and business success, it is necessary to conduct certain research and to give guidance to the people who are in charge of creating a visual or web identity of a particular company. In the first place, it is important to determine an adequate target group, that is, the average age of people who should use your products or services, as well as their material status. And if you go even further, it would be a good idea to determine in detail their level of education, at least roughly. It is then necessary to plan a budget for creating a visual and/or web identity. In this research, you can also use a thorough analysis of competing companies in order to understand possible mistakes they have made, which you can in this way avoid. Certainly, the more information you have, the easier it will be to form the identity of your company.

When you conduct all the research, you need to find an adequate person or firm to help you in the further process of creating the web or visual identity of the company. As we have already said, the web identity first refers to the website, and for it, you will engage a web designer or web design company, and you will present them all the guidelines, so these experts will accordingly offer you the most optimal solution. Do not forget to give them an indication of how much your budget for creating a web identity is, because it largely affects the offer.

On the other hand, visual or corporate identity implies all those elements that help identify a particular company in the market. It could be freely said that visual identity, with all its elements, is the embodiment of a company. It is also one of the best means of communication between the company and potential customers. In physical terms, visual identity first refers to the logo of a particular company. Other materials related to visual identity will depend on the budget you have devoted to creating it. This includes creating business cards, but also memoranda or printing envelopes with your logo. Also, visual identity refers to different types of advertising materials, which also contain your logo, aimed at familiarizing as many potential customers as possible with your company, or the products or services you want to present.