Way back in 1995, Sun Microsystems launched the Java programming language, which is defined as object-oriented. Later on, Oracle purchased the aforementioned thus becoming the official owner of this technology.

The principle by which this programming language was created is primarily aimed at the Oberon language, but also many others, while its syntax is like in C and C ++ programming languages. However, this type of programming language has a significantly stricter translation principle and is completely independent of the platform on which one is working. Special attention in its creation is focused on memory management, which is much simpler in Java programming language. The reason for this is related to the great popularity of the C programming language.

The purpose of application of this language is primarily concerned with giving specific instructions to a particular device, in order to be able to execute certain commands.

Indeed, the Java programming language is considered one of the most popular, and it is believed that the underlying reason for this is related to the fact that its use is not charged at all. Since the use of many other programming languages is almost always charged, it is quite clear why Java is enjoying such popularity.

Another advantage of using this programming language is the fact that the commands listed by Java can be practically executed on almost any computer because it is created so that it does not depend on the platform that is used on the particular device type at all.

It is certainly an advantage that Java is used when you need to access the development of different types of applications. With the application of this programming language, so-called GUI applications (Graphical User Interface) can be made, as well as applets, but also those that are known as console. When the characteristics of this programming language are compared with others, a clear impression is gained that Java is extremely easy to use, so this can certainly be classified into one of the many advantages related to its application.

It is interesting to note that the name of this programming language originates from the island of the same name, which is located in the territory of Indonesia. Although Java is primarily a programming language, the fact is that this term also refers to the software platform responsible for running the applications that are created in this programming language.

It is common that the Java and JavaScript terms are mixed, but there is no reason for such, given that they are two completely different programming languages, whose characteristics and functions are certainly different. The fact is that this programming language has many advantages, but of course, there are certain disadvantages, that is, the shortcomings when it comes to its application. The most significant drawback is the speed of its operation, taking into account that this technology is relatively slow to start, compared with others that are in some way similar to it.