Banner, but also (Advertising and Ad) is the advertising space on a particular site, which is highlighted so that it is visible to all visitors to a particular site or its page.

Banner is primarily an image, but lately, there is a trend to make banners as specific multimedia flash content, and then we are talking about the so-called flash banner. When it comes to the normal banner format, it is usually JPEG, GIF, and PNG, while the flash banner is a combination of video and audio animation. The main goal of any type of banner is to familiarize visitors to a particular site with some other site, in order to advertise certain products, services, but also the entire website and the blog.

The banners function when a visitor to a particular web page on which the banner is located clicks on it, most often in the new window or tab, and the advertiser's website opens. In this way, advertisers get new visitors and potential customers or users of the services they offer.

It could be freely said that a banner on the Internet is the same as an ad in the newspaper or billboard on the street. Well, considering that the banner is intended for advertising on a global network, it is quite possible to expect that the placement of the banner is paid to the owner of the site on which it is located. Banner prices vary, and the most expensive banners are those in positions that are most striking for visitors around the site, or at the top of the page. As we go down (that is, when scrolling down on a certain page), the prices of the banners are decreasing. Apart from the fact that the placement of a banner on a particular site is paid to the site owner, exchange of banners in modern internet marketers is frequent. This implies that website owners mutually place banners on their sites without monetary compensation, in order to attract as many visitors as potential customers.

The creation of a good and quality banner is a very important segment of internet marketing, because it is a banner that is often used as a means of advertising through email or newsletter, but also within other methods of internet marketing, when it is necessary to visually present the identity of a particular company, without too much text.

Banner can be only a graphic image, but also a combination of graphics and text and can also contain animation and sound. The sizes of banners are different and they are adapted to the requirements of clients, or websites to which the banner will be placed. The most common size of the banner is 728x90 pixels (px), although banners are also available in other sizes: 468x60px, 234x60px, 120x90px, 120x60px, 120x240px and 125x125px.