What is chat

Like many other internet terms, the term chat is almost entirely assimilated into our language, so we also have the term chatting. These are special applications that give users around the world the ability to communicate online in real time with other users, wherever they are, or the so-called online chat. Basically, chat is a highly useful application if you use it the right way. In order for someone to use chat the only thing he/she need, besides a device, is an Internet browser or Internet connection and a Java programming language, or a certain chat application such as Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo, Facebook Messenger and many others.

There are many advantages of using these applications. Some of them are: quick and easy registration, "conversation", that is, correspondence with users in real time, regardless of where they are, almost completely free (if we exclude internet usage costs), managing personal profile privacy settings within a specific application, as well as the ability to insert special icons in the chat itself, which only makes chatting more fun. Also, in some applications, there is a possibility to create groups that can be accessed only by certain people, which are mainly added by the person who creates the group, which makes communication among users significantly easier. On the Internet, it is possible to find special chat websites where sections are divided into so-called rooms, so each user can find many more same-minded people in the virtual world with whom he/she can communicate online, being perhaps even thousands of kilometers away.

As a result of short messages that are one of the main characteristics of chatting, a specific language has developed in the form of abbreviations. Some of them, which are included in our language, are LOL (which means laughing out loud), BTW (by the way), as well as PLS (please), and many others. It is precisely because of the use of these and many other abbreviations in chatting that very loud social criticisms and even condemnations arose because there is a real danger that teenagers, the group with the highest share in the usage of chat, can forget how to speak their own language properly.

Therefore, even though chat has many advantages, it cannot be said that it has no flaws, and the only solution is to use it in the right way, or as one of the better means of fast internet communication that has become normal in the modern world. In addition, the main advantage of chat-related applications is that you can communicate very easily and almost completely free with your cousins and friends anywhere in the world no matter how far you are away from each other.