What is Adobe Flash

One of the favorite tools of almost every web designer over the last ten years has certainly been the Flash program, which is the product of Adobe Systems. The full name of this program is Adobe Flash or, shortened, Flash.

With the help of this program, primarily, various drawings and animations can be made, first of all, thanks to the numerous tools Flash offers its users. You can easily add a document created with this program to a particular web page or record it to an external device. The special advantage of Flash is that this program recognizes and supports files with multimedia contents that are created in other programs, so you can easily add them to your work.

In addition to the drawings and animations, this program can make banners, which have recently become more and more frequent, as it has been noticed that they draw more attention from static, banners that do not have Flash animation. In addition to this, with this program you can create: integral advertisements, product or service presentations, manuals and operating instructions, and Flash offers the possibility of adding special effects that are characteristic for television and film. There is even the fact that the film industry in Hollywood uses Flash to produce incredible special effects in its production. Interactive games are also made with Flash.

All this sounds great, but it is very important to use Flash in the right way. Of course, it does not mean that even if you are a beginner, you cannot master the basics of this program. However, first of all, we need to keep in mind that Flash is primarily the tool for web developers and should be observed so. Of course, beginners can also "play" with this program, but for any serious work certain pre-knowledge is definitely required.

For this reason, it is easy for experienced web developers to notice whether a particular website or application was done by someone who has or has no experience in work with this program, because people who do not know enough about all the advantages of using Flash can easily get carried away and overload a particular web site with various animations created in this program, which greatly affects the quality of the site or the application itself, as well as the speed of its loading. Therefore, it is very important to appropriately take advantage of Flash, since then all of its positive effects will come to the fore.

Considering that Flash uses vector graphics, all animations created in this program, that is, all output files are in the form of ordinary bitmap graphics.

In addition to all the advantages Flash offers, we should also mention high-level interaction with users. Moreover, if a particular website is created in this program, the web designer has the opportunity to accurately determine how the site will appear and how it will work in general, without the need to know which browser will open the site. This is possible thanks to the advantages offered by Flash Player, which is largely integrated into almost all newer versions of browsers, system software within almost all newer generation computers, so it has become a kind of a web standard.

As for almost all other programs, there are some negative comments for Flash. What can be considered as a disadvantage of this program is the time of downloading or loading content created in Flash. However, it has absolutely nothing to do with the company or the person who created the animation, advertisement, website or any web content in this program. The download time of these contents depends solely on the connection the visitor has, so it would be worthwhile for a web designer or person who is developing a particular content in Flash to take care of this detail as well.