Simply put, web domain or internet domain, or simply only domain is the Internet address at which a site is located.

The basic purpose of the web domain is to make a particular site easy to find, so that as many visitors can easily reach it, and to make its name easy to remember. Therefore, it is very important to choose the appropriate web domain name and the correct extension (for example, .com, .rs, .net, .biz, and others).

The Internet or web domain is unique and in no case can it be used by two or more sites, except in cases where the domain expires, so it is possible for it to be leased by another owner.

DNS or Domain Name System serves to translate each individual web domain with special tools into a unique IP address, that is, a sort of a numeric code representing the identification of a particular site across the internet. Since the use of an IP address is very difficult to remember, taking into account that it consists of 4 series of different numbers, the DNS has introduced the conversion of numbers into letters, all in order to facilitate the functioning of the Internet as a whole.

The basic division of domains is to national and international, and they vary by the extensions, each of which has a certain meaning.

National extensions valid for the territory of Serbia are: .rs,,,,, and since recently there is even Cyrillic domain .срб.

International extensions are: .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz.

Each of these extensions has a certain meaning. Extension. com means commercial, while extension. net represents an abbreviation of the English word network. The .org extension is an abbreviation of the English word organization, .info of information, while the .biz extension is shortened from the business. The extensions .edu are intended for educational institutions.

In addition to a good choice for the name itself, or the internet or web domain, it is also very important to choose the right extension. It is widely known that .com extension is one of the most common, and the benefits for its use are numerous. In the first place, it is better to choose this extension if you do business or want to expand your business beyond the borders of our country. For if, for example, you have a web domain with a national extension, your website will in the search be visible only to the population of our country. Of course, people can also see it outside the borders of our country, but only if they have heard about your site, so in the address bar directly enter the address of your site. Although even in this case, it is highly probable that the search engine first offers the national domains for the country in which they are located, and then some others.

When choosing a web domain, it is very important, if possible, to rent all available domains or extensions, in order to secure yourself and your business. Because, when you buy all the available extensions of a particular web domain, you have a much greater chance of making your site more visible and ranked in search. Of course, the proper choice of a web domain and its extension is just one small segment that can bring you success and influence the improvement of your business.