When viewing an internet site, we notice that there are elements that are more or less standard and that define the structure of that site. We also note that a specific website can contain at least one web page, and there is certainly the possibility to have more.

The term web pages refers to an electronic record that is exactly the same as, for example, a sheet of paper, and on that page, there are elements based on which the structure of a site is defined. First, there is a header, at the very top of it, and then there is a navigation option, or a specific page menu, within which all the subcategories are located, allowing visitors to get information about the existing pages. And there is the so-called content, which is also the central part of a website, while at the very bottom of the page there is a part known as the footer. It is certainly assumed that the websites also have a background, which in some cases is more, and in some less noticeable, and that there is also the so-called sidebar, and depending on the type of web site there may be a banner.

At the very top of one website there is a header of the particular site, and most often it contains a logo of a particular company, and it is certainly the best option for the so-called header to be positioned in the same place within each page as in this way visitors are given the opportunity to clearly understand that it is completely the same internet presentation. By the term logo, we mean a display consisting of certain symbols, letters and similar graphic elements, which clearly define the owner of a particular website. It is understood, of course, that professional designers know how to create a logo to make it clearly visible and recognizable.

The next element that is visible on a particular page is a menu, that is, navigation, and it is also considered one of the most important, since it is very important to be well-positioned and well-organized, in order for the visitor to more easily manage within a certain site. It is understood that the menu contains links that will immediately take each visitor to the desired page by simply clicking. It is also worth pointing out that navigation is usually located just below the header, and it is very noticeable and most often present in the upper right corner or in the left sidebar on a particular page.

With navigation, the content of a particular page is very important, since it is also what the visitor reads or watches, and this element occupies most space being the very core of every site. It is important to be interesting, but also to provide the visitor with all this information he wants, in order to keep him as long as possible within a specific website. Of course, it is assumed that the content must be not only original but also very precisely explain everything that relates to a particular topic.

In the lower part of a certain page, there are all the pieces of information that are of technical nature, such as the ones related to disclaimers, that is, the terms of use, the protection of data, but also the information related to copyright and privacy. Often, the name of the designer or the name of the company that is responsible for the creation of a particular website is stated in the footer. When it comes to the part of the website that is known as the sidebar, note that it is the column that is on the side, whether left or right and which usually contains banners or the menu. It is good to mention that the background is also a very important part of a particular web site since it must be well defined, so as not to attract the unnecessary attention of visitors, and thus distract them from reading or viewing the content of the site itself. Usually, the background is some color or a certain photo, and there is no text in most of the cases.

As we have already mentioned, there are also banners on certain sites that are primarily intended for advertising or connecting with other sites. It is a specially designed image that focuses on the presentation of different companies, products or services, and its goal is to get as many visitors to the site as possible familiarized with the contents of the specific banner. Namely, placing of a banner on a website is usually paid to the owner, unless it is a question of agreement that the owners of two internet sites exchange banners, that is, advertise each other. Usually, banners are done as images or special multimedia content in made Flash, which even more attracts the attention of visitors.

It is assumed that each designer has the right to arrange the listed elements in the way it suits him, and in order to make the structure of the site as good as possible. However, it is always advised to fully comply with the accepted standards in this area.

It is important that a website is carefully designed in order to achieve the basic purpose of its placement on the Internet, that is, to allow each visitor get the necessary information and manage relatively easily when searching, thanks to its good functionality,.