Optimization of web content is mentioned as one of the most common, and certainly very successful modern internet strategies. In fact, this is a very interesting tool, aimed primarily at making specific internet material well positioned in the search field, that is, to appear among the first search results.

Search Engine Optimization, that is, SEO rules should be used already when placing certain content on the web, and SEO experts are in charge for the implementation of these rules.

With the application of HTML coding and writing original texts which must contain certain keywords, it is achieved that in a relatively short period of time, a specific site is visible among the top 10 results of online searches for those words which are related to its subject. Simply put, when certain Internet material is optimized in accordance with SEO rules, it means that potential clients, after typing certain words into the search box, certainly have the ability to get to the site itself through the so-called organic search results.

By the fact that shortly after the implementation of these rules and placement on the web, certain content will be visible on the first page of the search, it is clear that this will have an impact on the increase of visits, and indirectly it will definitely positively affect the business of the company that owns a certain site. In addition to the many SEO tools applied to textual content, there is also a possibility for them to be implemented in the search for different images.

There are practically two types of optimization, and they are categorized as Offpage and Onpage SEO. Quite clearly, Offpage Search Engine Optimization is a procedure that is implemented outside of the site, that is, when the so-called external links are optimized. On the contrary, Onpage Optimization includes first the process of correct analysis of all those keywords that are relevant to a particular site, and after that, the optimization of the entire content of the certain online material, with the emphasis on correct optimization of the title or subtitles, if there are any. Also, the SEO expert is in charge of optimizing both tags in the content, and meta tags, but also taking care about duplicate content, and being sure to properly implement the guidelines specified by the Search Engine Optimization.

As available data show us, this type of tool was only started to be used at the end of the last century, and it is considered that the term was first used on the site which was created in March 1997. After that, the development of this tool began, so, for example, the famous Google search engine, seeking to improve its quality, in 2005 introduced the so-called personalized search, which enabled users to get instant results based on an analysis of their previous searches.

As there are people who deal with internet marketing and think they can in some way deceive the search engines and enable a specific site to be found on the first page of the search for certain keywords in an incredible short-term, every type of manipulation had to be prevented, and therefore the search engines pay particular attention to the continuous updating of the rules regarding SEO tools and their applications. It often happens that people who consider themselves experts compose textual content for some sites and exaggerate with using keywords, hoping that it will improve its ranking, but here a team of top experts, hired by Google but also other browsers, comes to the scene, so these sites are quickly blocked. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that people who are experts are solely responsible for the implementation of optimization because they will definitely implement the necessary tools in a proper way and really allow specific websites to be significantly better ranked.

And why is it important to apply SEO rules? Primarily for better visibility of specific materials, because it is well known that rarely an Internet user goes to the second, third or tenth page of the search, and for this reason, it is very important that a specific site is made available within the first results for the specific keywords. Another reason, which is also very important, and for which it is certainly necessary to apply the rules of Search Engine Optimization, is to improve the business of the owner, which will certainly be reflected positively on the financial aspect as well. Namely, the very fact that more potential clients will be able to easily get to the desired data related to a particular product or service, and generally for a company, is enough to understand how important it is for business.

To summarize, except recommending engagement of experts for the implementation of SEO guidelines, it is especially important to pay attention to the content of the site itself, that is to the texts available on it, because if they are not properly written and optimized, the effect of the application of these tools will not be the same as it would be if all these rules were observed.