Taking into account that background has many meanings, we will focus on its two meanings related to Internet and Internet design.

First, there is a background, that is, a digital photo or drawing that is used as a background for the screen of a computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. On a computer, it is also called desktop wallpaper, desktop background or just wallpaper or background. If the background is on a mobile phone, then this is usually the background of the home screen or background for locking or unlocking the phone.

Numerous types of wallpapers are intended for computers or mobile devices. One of the most commonly used lately is certainly 3D wallpaper or Live wallpaper.

When it comes to background related to Internet design, then this word refers to the background of a particular site.

If you pay attention to any internet site, you will notice that it has a frame that contains all the parts that are relevant to the site (header, footer, navigation ...), and outside of that frame, that is, the container there is the site's background. So it is the background for the site, which can consist of one or more parts, which can be repeated or not. Usually, developers tend to use this seamless pattern feature so that the background itself does not overload the site, which greatly improves the speed of its loading.

The background is mostly monochromatic, although it can also be a photo of a certain format, and almost never contains textual content, so as not to burden the site more.

Do not forget that the background has a very important role in the quality of the site, so it is necessary to adjust the color or the way the image is loaded if you use it as a site background. In that case, pay attention to the resolution and quality of the image itself, but also to the correct path to the specific image you want to use as your site background, as well as the correct input of its extension. Also, do not forget to choose an option as to whether or not the background image will be repeated.

And most importantly, consult with your developer or look for guidelines for an adequate choice of colors for the background of the site, depending on what you are presenting on it. We will mention an example that is related to the food industry and everything that has to do with food. Namely, it has been proven that orange stimulates appetite and the desire for food, which is one of the main reasons why this color or the combination of red and yellow which in the human brain forms orange should be used if you want to present to your users something about nutrition. In that case, for example, the background of your site may be yellow, and the text may be red or vice versa. This is, of course, just one of the many examples of how a color affects the human brain, that is, in this case, how visitors are experiencing it. That is why it is best to seek advice from an experienced developer on this topic, so your site will function at the best and bring you many potential customers who will be satisfied with your offer.