What is brand

If it is necessary to briefly say what a brand is, then it would be the opinion of customers or consumers about a particular product or service. When we say brand, we primarily mean the type of product, that is, all available information about a particular product or service, and the trademark, or the factory brand of a particular product. Also, brand refers to a particular procedure or public personality that has become known on the basis of something inherent in it and is said to have built up its own brand.

In general, this term refers to expectations, opinions, and experiences an end user has about a product or service. It is important to keep in mind that the notion of identity differs significantly from the notion of brand, although it is often mentioned in the same context. However, identity is actually what a particular company does in order to create a good brand, that is, in order for customers to have a more positive opinion of their product or service.

One might say that it is a synonym for the brand is reputation, that is, the sum of everything a particular company or individuals do when building the identity of a product or service they place. The very concept of the brand is made up of several very important factors, in the first place of the identity of the brand itself, followed immediately by the value, recognition, and awareness of customers or users about a particular brand.

Under the concept of brand identity, we mean a visual and verbal campaign by an individual or company aimed at the best possible product or service placement.

Brand equity refers to the investments of all types invested in brand identity formation in order for it to reach the next important level - Brand recognition, that is, in order for the end customer of the product, that is, the user of the service to gain awareness of a particular brand (Brand awareness). All these elements together lead to successful business and proper placement of a particular brand.

Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that the most important thing is to create the right identity first, in order for users to gain a positive opinion about the products or services of a particular company. That is why it is very important to do all kinds of presentation with a special emphasis on the internet presentation, but also other marketing activities that lead to a more positive customer's opinion and awareness of a particular product or service.

It should not be forgotten that brand is often confused with the term make. However, the difference is important. Among marketing experts, one can often hear a comment that each brand is a make, but that each make is not a brand. Although these two concepts have very similar, almost identical characteristics, the basic difference between them is that brand is actually a make that has been built and become recognizable over time, so it fully represents a particular company.

The best example of the difference between these two concepts is the private high school Sveti Archangel, from Kragujevac. There are many makes within this school, while the make "Akademija Oxford", which functions within this school, would be the most appropriate for the term of brand.